Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Moon in Virgo...

today at 8.30pm at 15 degrees and 40 minutes of Virgo.

The time around a New Moon is generally one of making a fresh start, particularly in relation to the sign that it falls in... in this case Virgo.  The search for purity, perfection and/or a practical way of working with things are all themes linked with this sign.

Also, look at where this lunation is falling in your birth chart to get a feel for where you can make a personal fresh start.  For example, I have it falling in my 4th House, so I can think about how or what I would like to change about myself at a deep level and/or how a fresh start with family members could be approached.  Of course there are many ways in which this could be experience, these are just examples.

Looking at the aspects coming along with this New Moon you will see that the retrograde Mercury is part of the lunation... suggesting that you can expect to change something about a new project that comes into your life now at some stage later on down the track.  You may change your mind, or someone else could, about the situation.  The trine from the Nodes and Pluto bode well for support and progress with our endeavours.

If you have personal planets and/or points in Virgo, this New Moon is likely to be especially significant for you.


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