Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sun Square Saturn...

today in Kilmore at 5.10am (Sun at 15 degrees of Gemini/Saturn at 15 degrees of Virgo).

Mmmm.... a bit of tension between the need to play (Sun) and the need to work (Saturn)?? The square aspect suggests that there needs to be a change in approach to whatever (or whoever) your Saturn represents in the birth chart. Look to see where Saturn is and which house is ruled by Virgo and Capricorn, as well as where the Sun is travelling through. The square is happening in mutable signs so that suggests that there is an element of flexbility and ability to adapt to the situation at hand.

Squares represent a tense period of time (just look at those pointy bits!), but also the opportunity to do something about your situation. I think the days around this date will be important in learning to handle the longer term energies of the Saturn/Uranus opposition as well, and this period of time is likely to highlight the themes associated with this opposition through the creation of a transiting T-Square.

Mercury goes Direct...

today in Kilmore at 11.22am at 22 degrees and 52 minutes of Taurus.

Yay! Now that Saturn is moving forward and also Mercury, things in general should start falling into place. Communication should begin to flow more smoothly, and the ability to connect with others should also improve.

Look to where transitiing Mercury is travelling through your birth chart and also to which houses are ruled by Gemini and Virgo, the signs that Mercury rules. You can also have a look at where Mercury is natally placed in your birth chart.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Neptune goes Retrograde....

today in Kilmore at 2.30pm at 26 degrees and 29 minutes of Aquarius...

Neptune is the planet associated with other realms, artistic flair, fogginess, dreams, and non-ego related activities. This is a VERY slow moving planet, especially when it is reaching a station (changing directions) - it's almost as if the energy here isn't moving at all!

Keeping this in mind, the people and situations representing Neptune in your chart may feel as though they have stopped moving in your life... perhaps creating the feeling of being 'stuck' (especially since Neptune is in a fixed sign). Look to see which House Neptune is travellling through and which House is ruled by Pisces to get a feel for which areas of life (and/or people) may be represented by transiting Neptune turning retrograde.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Moon in Gemini...

today in Kilmore at 10.11pm at 3 degrees of Gemini and 28 minutes.

Looking ath this chart visually it seems a bit odd in that there isn't actually a lot happening! There is a trine from the New Moon to the North Node, and a square from the rx Mercury to the triple conjunction of Jupiter/Chiron/Uranus in Aquarius and a couple of sextiles. Having said that I think the square is pretty powerful in itself... especially when you consider that this is the second time that Mercury is making this aspect.

The energy of a New Moon gives us all a chance to make a new start... depending on where it falls in your birth chart. If you are a Gemini or have personal planets or points in this sign then this is likely to be an important time for you: the powerful square that will recur again in another couple of weeks is likely to be important for us all (see my previous posts on this square).

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sun enters Gemini...

today in Kilmore at 7.51am.

Moving from Taurus into Gemini, the planet that acts as a strong focus (imagine a torch in the dark and how the beam of light illuminates whatever it touches) for people and areas of our life represented by Gemini.

In general, we are moving away from being fixed, literal and focussed to being more flexible, mental and open-minded about the areas of our lives affected by this energy shift. Look to your birth chart to see where the Sun is travelling and also to which House is ruled by Leo (the Sun rules Leo), and also Gemini - the sign that the Sun has now moved into; to get an idea of where your personal torch is pointing at!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Retrograde Mercury Square Neptune...

today in Kilmore at 7.21pm - Mercury at 26 degrees of Taurus/Neptune at 26 degrees of Aquarius.

With the planet of communication going back to this square it seems that we will all be returning to a confusing situation that needs a change in approach. Have a look at the previous period of time where this square happened in order to get a feel for how you might best approach it... I have to try and figure out how to link to my previous post about this aspect!

Retrograde Mercury Square Jupiter...

today in Kilmore at 1.44pm (Mercury at 26 degrees of Taurus/Jupiter at 26 degrees of Aquarius).

Like the square to Neptune, this square from retrograde Mercury to Jupiter is also about redefining boundaries and learning where we need to pull our heads in! Being in fixed signs suggests that there are areas in our lives (or people in our lives) that are having trouble adjusting. Mercury being retrograde suggests that we have the chance to go back to this situation and have another go at understanding it/them, however, the situation involved probably won't be fully understood or adjusted until Mercury goes direct, comes back to this square and then passes over it again.

If you have fixed signs prominent in your birth chart then this energy is likely to be especially visible in your life.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sun conjunct Retrograde Mercury...

today in Kilmore at 8.02pm at 27 degrees of Taurus.

With the Sun and Mercury both approaching each other face on it seems that we will have the chance to look at the Mercury issues we have been re-investigating in an 'illuminating' way with the power of the Sun's light shining brightly on them.

Being in a fixed sign, this conjunction can mean that we are being pointed to an area of our lives where we need to be flexible, or perhaps our values need reassessment. As usual, look to your birth chart for more information.

For example, I have this conjunction in my First House (my physical body, relationships, approach to life), the Sun rules Leo which is intercepted in my 3rd House (thinking, local community, siblings), and Mercury rules my 2nd House (values, finances, self-esteem), and 5th & 6th Houses (children, love, health, work). This may be an opportunity to review these areas of my life. At the moment I have a health issue that has returned (Mercury Retrograde ruling the 6th transiting my 1st House). I am also thinking more about how my own actions (1st House) and attitudes (3rd House) affect the quality of the relationships in my life - particulary with my children (1st and 5th).

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturn goes Direct...

today in Kilmore at 12.06pm at 14 degrees and 55 minutes of Virgo.

Yippee... this is the last leg of Saturn moving backwards and forwards before moving onto Libra. As Saturn moves forwards now and picks up speed it seems that whatever (or whoever) we have associated with hard work and lots of elbow grease that have been around since the end of 2007 will finally be sorted out... by the end of October we will be able to leave most of these themes behind us (apart from a short visit from Saturn back into Virgo in April next year that won't last long: I see this visit as a chance for fine-tuning of the changes that are happening now).

Those of you with mutable signs prominent in your birth chart are likely to be feeling the effects of this movement of Saturn more than others. Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Sun square Neptune...

today in Kilmore at 3.05pm (Sun at 26 degrees of Taurus/Neptune at 26 degrees of Aquarius).

Like the square from the Sun to Jupiter, this is a time to look at an area of life that is losing its boundaries in some way and to try a different approach. Sticking to facts and tangible (Taurus) may be part of the challenge when dealing with the nebulous energies of Jupiter and Neptune together!

As usual, have a look to your personal chart to understand where these themes may be especially prominent for you (and also have a look at my previous post relating to the Sun/Jupiter square). This square is likely to be felt especially strongly by those of you with fixed signs prominent in your chart (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius).

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My preferred writing medium

Mmmm, I love the feel of writing on nice paper (yes, I'm a paper lover!)... however, I like the keyboard because it's faster for me to get my thoughts down!

Sun Square Jupiter...

today in Kilmore at 6.45pm at 25 degrees of Taurus/25 Degrees of Aquarius.

The Sun in Taurus is a pretty stable and steady influence that plods along quietly. However, it is a powerhouse of energy as a fixed sign that stores energy and then gives it out when needed. The Sun in a general sense can also act as a trigger for some of the longer term energies working in the sky... in this case the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune conjunction happening in Aquarius.

The square aspect is quite powerful and energetic, suggesting that the Sun contacting the conjunction of these three planets will coincide with a period of time where the issues around it will demand attention and perhaps a change in the way we view, understand, and/or handle them. With the beginning of this square starting off with Jupiter it seems that there is something in our lives that is out of hand, or possibly needs to be reigned in... this may have something to do with a person or situation that was around when the Sun was conjunct Jupiter about 3 months ago.

You will need to look at your overall chart to see which areas of life or people will be involved.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stars in Google's Eyes?

Google is introducing a fab new feature for stargazers everywhere. You will need an 'Android-powered' phone though! To read more click here.

Retrograde Mercury re-enters Taurus...

today in Kilmore at 9.53am.

Mercury has only been in Gemini for a matter of days and after turning around has headed back into Taurus. Symbolically, it's almost as though we have moved on from something and only taken a couple of steps towards it before realising that we haven't finished whatever we were working on while Mercury was in Taurus... quickly facilitating the need to turn around and get it done.

This planet is associated with a youth, paperwork, news, short trips, communication and the local community. Look to your own chart to fill in the details!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm a cat person

Mmmm.... they are independent, easy to look after, affectionate (when they feel like it), hard to predict and just lovable.

What my shoes say about me

I'm wearing runners... I think they say it all at this stage in my life (I feel like I am running around all day!). Actually I am about to go to the gym.

Full Moon...

in Scorpio (18 degrees and 41 minutes) today in Kilmore at 2.01pm.

As we all know, Scorpio is a pretty intense sign known for strong emotions that are sometimes difficult to understand... having a Full Moon in this sign accentuates this trend and will help to illuminate us all about why we are feeling a certain way. The areas and people represented will depend on your own birth chart.

Jupiter in Aquarius (as well as Neptune and Chiron) squares this Full Moon, forming a T-Square. This to me suggests that the Jupter/Chiron/Neptune conjunction and what it is doing in your natal chart will be especially important for you (and me!), for understanding the energies working during this Full Moon.

Saturn in Virgo is helping to stabilise whatever is happening through the Trine it is making to the Sun and Sextile to the Moon. Whoever or whatever Saturn represents in your chart is where you should be looking for help.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mercury goes Retrograde...

today in Kilmore at 3pm at 1 degree and 45 minutes of Gemini.

Mercury is very comfortable in Gemini, so it's a shame that so soon after entering this sign that it will retrograde! However, this is generally a good opportunity for us all to review situations and people that have been prominent in our lives over the last few weeks.

This is generally not a good time to sign paperwork or make final decisions because the people involved (including you!) may not have all the information they need to make an informed decision; or someone may change their mind; or someone's circumstances will change making it difficult for them to fulfill the agreement.

Mercury goes direct again at the end of the month at 22 degrees of Taurus. Look to the house position of the transiting Mercury and the houses with Gemini and Virgo on the cusps to get a better idea of which areas of your life may be affected, and which people may be part of the unfolding picture.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sun Trine Retrograde Saturn...

today in Kilmore at 7.34pm. Sun at 15 degrees Taurus and Saturn at 15 degrees of Virgo.

I think that with the current focus on the Saturn/Uranus opposition and Pluto squaring so many planets that this trine is just what we all need to stabilise us. The Sun in Taurus is a fixed energy so this in itself is stabilising and Saturn retrograde in Virgo, another earth sign also suggests stability but the need to go back to a situation that needs attention and fix the details (Virgo). The trine suggests that previous blockages we have experienced should not be an issue while it is in effect.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Venus square Retrograde Pluto...

today at 3.10am in Kilmore.

The last time this aspect happened was earlier this month on the 3rd of April, but Venus was retrograde and Pluto was direct. Venus is still moving VERY slowly, so this is a pretty intense energy.

As I mentioned last time, if you can imagine the planets as characters I now have this visual image of Venus dragging her feet, but getting faster as she goes along, meeting Pluto who is now the one who is going backwarmds and dragging his feet! Like the last Venus/Pluto square this meeting can mean that our values, finances and/or relationships (Venus), tips our deeply (Capricorn) hidden emotions (Pluto) into another direction helping us to reach a turning point of some type, depending on the houses involved.

It's almost as though situations and people represented by Venus that were regressing earlier this month are now the ones that are ready to move tentatively forwards, but now it is the Pluto people and situations that are regressing or need to review (or be reveiwed) what is happening or where they, or it, are going. This is, again, likely to be quite an intense time.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mercury enters Gemini...

today in Kilmore at 8.29am.

Mercury loves being in Gemini so this should bode well for everything to do with Mercury... communication, gadgets, thinking, short trips, mental pursuits (interpret that how want!), siblings, our connection with others in general.

However, keep in mind that this little planet will be going retrograde in another few days and is slowing down, so things may be going well, but slowing down.

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