Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sun enters Scorpio...

today in Kilmore at 11.35pm.

The moving from the social and outgoing sign of Libra, into the more intense, fixed and emotional sign of Scorpio is likely to be something to be felt by all of us.

If you imagine the sunrise, you can also imagine the light that it brings into our lives... symbolically the same thing happens with the Sun changing signs.  The houses with Scorpio on the cusp or in it are likely to become activated while the Sun travels through them, suggesting that the people and situations represented by them will become more prominent than usual.

The house ruled by the Sun (one with Leo on the cusp) is also likely to have a subtle shift in focus as well... the people and situations represented by this house are likley to move from being 'Libran' towards more 'Scorpio' themes... ie, more intense, fixed, stubborn and emotional.


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