Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mercury goes Direct...

on December 30 at 6.21pm in Kilmore.

Even though Mercury is going direct now, it may take a few days for things to settle down into some type of normality while Mercury picks up a bit of speed and momentum, however it may take a few weeks for things to return totally to normal (we have to wait until Mercury goes forward again to the point where it started it's backwards journey).

We can expect the people and situations represented by Mercury to begin stabilising and become more reliable.   As usual look to see where Mercury is travelling and which houses are ruled by it (ones with Gemini or Virgo on the cusp) in order to get a feel for what or who these may be.

If you have personal planets and/or points in Sagittiarus, then you may be especially sensitive to this energy.  Gemini people may also feel this way.


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