Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mercury enters Capricorn...

on January 13 at 10.25pm in Kilmore.

This is the second time that Mercury has gone into Capricorn in recent times because it was retrograde a little while ago... this return to Capricorn suggests the opportunity to now finalise the situations that went a bit pear-shaped when Mercury went retrograde early in December 2010.

Initially Mercury made a short visit from December 1 until it went retrograde and went back into Sagittarius on December 19.  If you think back to what or who was prominent back then because of a lot of change, an increase in focus and/or a lot of discussion around them (look at which house Mercury is travelling through, which house has Capricorn, Gemini and/or Virgo on it to get some clues), you can get a feel for what you can expect to become prominent again.  The difference this time is that you can expect decisions made and progress made to be more settled and reliable.

The original post talking about Mercury entering Capricorn is here.


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