Monday, December 21, 2009

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune...

starts on December 15, is exact in Kilmore on December 21 at 7.51pm, leaves on December 27.  Jupiter and Neptune at 24 degrees and 17 minutes of Aquarius.

The is the last conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune (and also Chiron if you use this in your astrological work), the first series of conjunctions happened during the first half of the year and are discussed here.

This combination is a bit like trying to capture an image made out of fogs and mist continually changing shape as you try to make out what you just recognised in it!  Or what you thought you saw? Was it really there at all? LOL! Jupiter and Neptune together has the potential to have all your dreams come true and also to heighten spirituality... but the difficulty is in knowing what is 'real' and what isn't.

By looking at where this conjunction is happening you can keep a watchful eye on where you may need to look at people and situations realistically, and where boundaries may need a firm hand.  Also look to see which houses are ruled by Jupiter (Sagittarius) and Neptune (Pisces) to get a feel for what to watch our for.


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