Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune....

exact on May 28 in Kilmore at 26 degrees and 29 minutes of Aquarius... exact again on July 10 and will be within a 1 degree orb until the end of July.

Wow, what a combination... both planets are know for having trouble with boundaries and are also both associated with 'God' and spirituality. Also thrown into this combination is Chiron, the wounded healer - but I will focus only on the Jupiter/Neptune energies here.

This energy combination will be around until the end of July so it is important during this time to try to keep a rein on something or someone that will be difficult to contain... it may be a grand plan of some type, or a spiritual purpose that gets out of hand, alternatively everyday dealings may be easily distorte and/or not viewed clearly.

On a brighter note this energy can mean that we are all more open to spiritual energies and to experiencing life at a different level.

Look to where this conjunction is happening and which houses are involved (which houses Jupiter and Neptune rule).


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