Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Libran Full Moon...

today in Kilmore at 1.25pm.

The Full Moon period is usually a more emotional time than usual when feelings run stronger and are more potent.  This is especially true of this one since it squares the intensely emotional Pluto!

It seems that the current challenge for all of us is to balance these intensely emotional situations and people that are part of our lives right now.

The support of a person or situation represented by the Sun/Mars trine is suggested... so keep an eye out for it... being a trine it may be easy to oversee or underestimate the support that Mars offers through this aspect.

Saturn is also part of this lunation, at zero degrees it suggests a bit of instability in whatever or whoever he represents to you through your birth chart.  The connection to the Moon through the wide conjunction suggests a new emotional start: however, in order to achieve this new start we all have to let go (Saturn) of the past (Moon) in order to achieve a new balance (Libra), this will also help us to achieve objectivity (Full Moon) and find the courage to make those first steps to a new life (Sun in Aries)!


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