Monday, March 15, 2010

Mercury Conjunct Uranus...

starts on March 15 (using a 1 degree orb), is exact on March 16 at 8.40am in Kilmore, leaves on March 16.  Both at 26 degrees and 29 minutes of Pisces.

Mercury usually symbolises the way we connect with the world around us, and Uranus usually likes to shake things up a bit (think 'The Tower' from the tarot).  The combination of the two joining forces through the conjunction is very powerful and suggests that we may all receive a bit of a 'shock' (Uranus) of energy through unexpected or unusual news (Mercury).

It is important to remember that the only reason we get a 'shock' is because what we find out or what happens is not what we expect... not necessarily a shock because whatever happens is 'bad'.  Uranus also represents liberation and freedom, so the situations and people that are prominent now may offer an opportunity to take hold of these qualities.

Look to see where this conjunction falls in order to get a feel for where you could benefit from keeping an open mind.  Also look to see which houses are ruled by Mercury (ones with Gemini or Virgo on the cusps), and Uranus (ones with Aquarius on the cusp) to get a feel for what or who may be involved.

If you have personal planets or points in Pisces, you may be particularly sensitive to this transit.


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