Sunday, November 21, 2010

Full Moon in Taurus...

on November 22 at 4.27am in Kilmore at 29 degrees and 17 minutes of Taurus.

The period around the Full Moon is traditionally one where emotions are heightened and a new level of awareness is achieved in the areas affected by it.

Being in a fixed sign suggests that stability, or even lack of flexibility may be a theme to be explored around this time... and you will also notice that this lunation is at the final degree of Taurus, suggesting a bit of instability or uncertainty.  I know this is a bit of a contradiction, but life is also full of contradictions!

Also, this Full Moon involves a T-Square with the Neptune/Chiron conjunction - suggesting a need to focus on the people and situations represented by these planets in your birth chart.  This configuration suggests that they key to achieving balance will be found there, possibly through working through issues around confusion/deception.

The support of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is suggested through the sextile to the Moon/trine to the Sun: so we can use this energy as suggested by the house placement in our birth charts.  For example if you have this conjunction in your 7th house then it may be wise to listen to what others have to say in terms of a confusing and possibly stagnent situation in your life.


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