Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sun Square Neptune...

starts on November 17 (using a 1 degree orb), is exact on November 18 at 8.54pm in Kilmore, leaves on November 19.  Sun at 25 degrees and 56 minutes of Scorpio, Neptune at 25 degrees and 56 minutes of Aquarius.

Imagine driving through a thick fog and naively thinking that putting your high beam on will help you see more clearly... this is a bit of what this transit may be like: the thick fog is Neptune, and the high beam is the Sun!  It seems that an area of our life or a certain person (Neptune) is the scene for confusion, lack of clarity and/or even deception.  However hard we try to look at it clearly (Sun) it seems that we make it worse by trying too hard!  The square aspect suggests that a turning point is going to be reached though... it seems that the best approach is to stick to facts.

As usual look at which houses the planets are travelling through in order to get a feel for where the 'fog' is (Neptune) and where you may be looking too hard (Sun).  Also look at the houses ruled by Neptune (one with Pisces on the cusp, and the Sun (one with Leo on the cusp).

If you have personal planets/points in Scorpio and/or Aquarius then you may be especially prone to 'foggy' vision!


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