Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mars conjunct Jupiter in (guess what!?).... Aquarius!

This aspect becomes exact today in Kilmore at 3.27am and is quite powerful.

The transit of Mars through this sign is accenting the recent eclipses, adding to the already powerful energy working through Aquarius already. Mars can act like a trigger for long-standing energies, like Jupiter, and give it a kick start into action: the conjunction of these two planets suggest to me that we will all have a better idea of where and how the transiting Jupiter will work for us through developments that come up now.

Conjunctions are something or someone new, so a new project, person or life situation is likely to be embodied by this energy. Looking at how and where these energies are playing out in your own chart will give you some clues as to where to look for this opportunity for a fresh and powerful new start.


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