Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mercury enters Aquarius (again!)...

Mercury made a temporary entrance into Aquarius on Jan 1st or 2nd, depending on where you live... it only stayed there for a week or so before turning retrograde around January 11, and returning to Capricorn on January 22. It has stayed in that sign since then and went direct on February 2.

The return of this little planet to Aquarius further highlights the stellium in that zodiac sign and some of the intense activity in the areas represented by the houses affected in your own chart where Aquarius is.

Mercury is a busy little bee, and tends to stir up a lot of mental activity wherever it goes as well as picking the up the pace of life in the areas affected. With it returning to Aquarius it may be wise to look at what was happening with Mercury when it made the first entrance into this sign back at the beginning of January and look at how we can handle or communicate things better this time around.


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