Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mercury Opposing Saturn...

in Pisces/Virgo today at 3pm.

The opposition is about reaching awareness, sometimes through conflict and is related symbolically to the Full Moon in which we gain illumination. Mercury is about our thinking, communication and understanding, while Saturn is about serious stuff, contraction and responsibilities.

Mercury in Pisces tends to be a bit dreamy and can mean that the information we give out and receive gets a bit 'foggy', Saturn in Virgo is about working on the 'details' and paying attention to these. The combination of these energies suggest that we all have to work harder at making sure our communication/thinking is clear and precise, but still sensitive and flexible.

Saturn in Virgo can also help us all to give form to our creative Mercury in Pisces: look to your birth chart to see which areas may be part of this theme.


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