Monday, March 9, 2009

Sun Opposing Saturn...

in Pisces/Virgo at 6.52am today.

The Sun lights up and helps us to focus on whatever it touches... in this case Saturn, the planet of blood, sweat and tears (but also rewards for work well done).

Oppositions tend to help us see situations objectively, so the opposition between these two planets suggests that we will be able to see clearly an issue that began when these two planets were conjunct early in September 2008. By looking at where the conjunction happened in your birth chart you can get an idea of what is being addressed by the opposition now.

Being in the Pisces/Virgo signs suggests that there is an element of needing to pay attention to details vs the need to dream and look at the big picture, we may all need to learn to balance these two approaches in whichever areas of the birth chart where this opposition falls.


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