Thursday, February 25, 2010

Charles Manson - Charismatic Cult Leader & Mass Murderer

Goodness me!  Where to start?

The first thing I notice about this chart is all the angular activity... suggesting that this person will have a personality and life that is open for inspection!

The Moon in the 10th can indicate a person who is very good at swaying the emotions of other people, while the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction (part of the Scorpio stellium in the 7th) gives the gift of the gab: combined with the Mars/Neptune conjunction late in the 5th or early in the 6th (depends on which house system you use) suggesting attention to detail (Virgo), but also having a persuasive ego.  Both Mars and Neptune rule the 12th... so it's like having a double whammy effort of having the unconscious being expressing through 'love' (5th House), or his idea of 'service/duty' (6th House)... or perhaps just part of his everyday routine!

Maybe being a cult leader or murderer was seen as his daily 'job'?  As you can see this final aspect has its only expression through the trine to the MC.

Saturn squares the Sun/Venus conjunction: I remember reading somewhere that this can sometimes give the character a cruel streak... I think in this case that this holds true.

I'll have a look at his 'flock' in the next blog.


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