Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mercury enters Aquarius...

today in Kilmore at 8.06pm.

Mercury moving from the serious and sombre Capricorn into the free-wheeling and stubborn sign of Aquarius suggests a change of mental mood.  It also suggests a change in the way the people and themes represented by Mercury in your birth chart operate over the next few weeks.

For example, I have Gemini on my 2nd House cusp, so I would expect it to be a bit easier for money to be flowing and for my finances to stabilise (Aquarius is a fixed sign).  Virgo also rules my 4th and 5th Houses, so I would also expect family situations and members to become more stable - perhaps stubborn!

The house that Mercury is in or moving to as it changes sign is also an area that you can expect to become much busier as it travels through it.  If you are an Aquarian, expect the next few weeks to be quite hectic!


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