Saturday, February 27, 2010

Charles Manson - Susan Atkins

Part of the Manson flock was Susan Atkins... I will be posting a few other charts later on, but what she shares with the other flock members is a strong Chiron/Mercury/3rd house connection.

In Susan's chart Chiron is at the MC, opposing the natal Mercury in Taurus in the 4th House.  This opposition is squared by Pluto/Saturn/Mars conjunction in Leo in the 7th.  From what I understand and have seen with Mercury/Chiron people it seems that there is a lack of confidence in the way they think and process information.  Manson may have hooked into this and taken advantage of it.

Manson's Pluto near the Desc, opposing Susan's Ascendant.  Naturally, his presence had a major, tranformative affect on her life.  His Pluto also squares her Moon, suggesting a powerful and deep emotional affect on Susan that was difficult to understand at a rational level.

Anyway, these are just the main themes that I can see... I would love to hear your comments!

Chart information supplied by Solar Fire Gold.


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