Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Full Moon in Scorpio...

today in Kilmore at 10.18pm.  Moon at 8 degrees and 17 minutes of Scorpio.

The Full Moon period of time is generally one where emotions run higher than usual, bringing situations to a head in the areas represented by which houses the lunation falls in.  Being in Scorpio heightens this tendency.  The Full Moon period is usually one of 'illumination' as well, where we become aware of something important that changes our situation.

Looking at the actual chart you can see that the retrograde Mercury is heavily involved with the conjunction to the Sun and, naturally, opposition to the Moon.  This is important in that it suggests that whatever is triggering these deep emotions and realisations will really need to be examined with a clear mind and head, since the symbolism of retrograde Mercury suggests that we will have the tendency to NOT be viewing situations clearly, or we may not have all the relevant facts to make a judgement.

Mars is also squaring this lunation, giving a further tendency to rush into situations and to make hasty judgements.  The involvement of Pluto suggests that we do have the potential to gain a deeper understanding, however, it is important to try and use this period of time to gather more information and let events naturally unfold over the next few weeks before making up our minds or making final decisions.


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