Sunday, April 4, 2010

Venus Trine Stationary Pluto...

starts on April 4 (using a 1 degree orb), is exact on April 5 at 1.12pm in Kilmore, leaves on April 6.  Venus at 5 degrees and 25 minutes of Taurus, Pluto at 5 degrees and 25 minutes of Capricorn.

This aspect is in effect during the Mercury/Mars square that I just talked about.. and is helpful in smoothing over some of the potential challenges of it.

Venus represents the way we attract what we want into our lives and also our relating skills as well as the things we enjoy.  Pluto is an intensely emotional energy that deepens and transforms whatever it has contact with.  The trine aspect suggests an easy flow of these energies between the two planets.

I see this energy as a opportunity to easily deepen our understanding of the situations represented by these energies and also to transform them.  By looking at where this aspect falls in our birth charts and also to which houses are ruled by both Venus (ones with Taurus or Libra on them) and Pluto (ones with Scorpio on them), we can all get a feel for what or who we have the chance to understand at a deeper level; and also to transform them.

Keep in mind that Pluto is stationary at the moment as it prepares to turn retrograde: symbolically it looks like the Venus person or situation will involve more 'movement' than the Pluto ones.

If you have personal planets or points in Taurus and/or Capricorn then you will probably be more sensitive to this transit than others.


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