Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Moon in Aries...

today in Kilmore at 10.29pm at 24 degrees and 27 minutes of Aries.

The New Moon is a special time each month where we get to make a fresh start in the areas represented by the house where this lunation falls.  The sign of the New Moon is also important in that it flavours the way in which we begin this new stage, relationship, and/or project.

Looking at the chart you will see that this lunation only receives one aspect: the very wide sextile from the Neptune/Chiron conjunction.  The lack of aspects suggests to me that whatever we launch at the time of the New Moon, although we have the courage and drive to do so, will need to be really pushed ahead to make progress.  By looking at what or who the Neptune/Chiron conjunction represents in your birth chart you can get an idea of where you are likely to find at least a little bit of support (sextile to the lunation) for your new start.

You will also note that Mars, the ruler of this lunation, has no aspects at all... confirming this trend confirms this trend of really needing to look for this need to work hard to get this project off the ground.


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