Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chart of Carl Williams...

Thanks to the VAA for the birth details for Carl Williams... a well known figure in the Melbourne underworld!  Although there was a rectified birth time supplied, I prefer to use a noon time, with a solar chart setup - as shown to the left.
 The Mercury/Uranus conjunction in the first house is also quite powerful in that it suggests that Carl Williams had a very quick mind and wit, and that mentally he was a bit on the overactive side.  Being in the sign of Libra, it was important to balance this tendency.  The Libran influence, it seems, was lived out in his domestic sphere where he was known to be loving, indulgent and supportive of his family, including his two step-children.  His Piscean Moon would have also contributed to these traits.

Another theme that pops up for me is the Mars/Pluto conjunction in the solar 12th house... Mars and Pluto together shows a great sense of power and self control, particularly in the meticulous sign of Virgo.  This combination can also be expressed in a ruthless way - in the 12th house it suggests that use of the energies available in a sneaky or hidden way.   The Moon also opposes this conjunction -adding more emphasis to it.

If I had to guess a Rising Sign for this person I would think that Cancer would be it, or the Moon would be making a strong contact to the Ascendant... you just have to look at his moon-shaped face to see this!

There is a lot more to look at in this chart, however, limited time as usual!  Although I don't have time to look at in detail - I do welcome your thoughts.


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