Monday, June 7, 2010

Mars enters Virgo...

today in Kilmore at 4.11pm.

At long last... Mars is FINALLY moving out of Leo, and into Virgo!!!  Personally I am doing a bit of a joyful dance on this day (I have Taurus Rising, so Mars has been in my 4th house for the last 9 months).

Mars isn't the easiest energy to work with sometimes, however, it does provide the energy, stimulation and firepower to clear the air where it is needed.  The unusually long visit of this planet through the fixed Leo (the sign associated with ego) suggests a stubborn quality to the issues we faced whilst there.  It seems that we all wanted things to change or to do something about them, but perhaps ego energies and perhaps an unwillingness to change or the inability to change made things a bit touchy at times.

However, this energy combination also presented us with the opportunity to put our energy into creative projects that are here to stay (fixed sign)!

Getting back to Mars moving into Virgo, it seems that we will be better placed now to attend to the finer details of our lives that need attention, and also that the way we do it will be a little more flexible (or perhaps others will be).  We will also begin to see the results of what we put into action while Mars was travelling through Leo.

By looking at which house has Virgo on it, you may get a feel for where and who is about to move into a higher gear and need your energy and possibly some action.  The house that has Aries on the cusp and the people/situations represented by it may also become more flexible and less ego involved as Mars moves from Leo into Virgo.

If you have personal points or planets in Virgo, then you are likely to feel this energy as being particularly strong.


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