Saturday, June 26, 2010

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn...

today in Kilmore at 9.30pm.

Intense times!  Have a look at the close conjunction of the eclipsed Moon with Pluto, and the Sun/Mercury conjunction.  This is all being tightly squared and further energised by the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in the fiery Aries.

All of these aspects occur in cardinal signs... which are known for wanting to be boss: so symbolically it's almost as if there a too many chiefs in our lives wanted to run the show! 

The key to balancing the energies around this eclipse is to carefully handle the energetic Jupiter/Uranus conjunction as this is likely to throw out the tension of the eclipse because it is the focal point of a potent t-square. It seems that we do need to take action (Aries), quickly (Uranus) but realistically in terms of our long term capabilities (Jupiter).

Those of you interested in the eclipse path and technical details can find there here.


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