Friday, July 23, 2010

Jupiter goes Retrograde...

today in Kilmore at 10.03pm.  Jupiter at 3 degrees and 24 minutes of Aries.

Jupiter has been zipping through the sky at an amazing rate this year... perhaps leaving Pisces people feeling a bit ripped off in terms of the short visit this planet made to their sign earlier this year.  The good new is that as of today, it is heading back to this sign.

Anyway, getting back to this planet turning around and going back to where it came from, symbolically it suggests that the people and situations represented by Jupiter will need to go back to a previous state for a while.  Sometimes this can be frustrating or annoying, however, in most cases it ends up being a blessing (Jupiter!) in disguise.  Jupiter is, after all, the planet associated with luck, growth and opportunity: the fact that it is going back can mean that we get a second chance at something that we thought we had missed out on.

So, look to see which house Jupiter is travelling through and which houses are ruled by him (ones with Sagittarius or Pisces on the cusp) in order to get a feel for where you may get a second chance!


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