Thursday, July 22, 2010

Saturn enters Libra...

today in Kilmore at 1.10am.

Saturn changes from the flexible, and earth sign of Virgo into the airy and go-getting sign of Libra now and will be in this sign until late 2012.  It made a brief visit from late October 2009 until early April 2010, so by looking at what was prominent in your life back then you may get a feel for what or who is likely to be a focus for you again during this return visit.

This planet is known for hard work, restructuring, being conservative, and is associated with maturity or 'being old'.  Of course, Saturn represents much more, but these keywords will give you an idea of the feel for what it is associated with.

Look at which house Saturn is travelling through and which has Libra on the cusp to see which areas of life may be a strong focus over the next couple of years and that will require long-term planning and thinking.  The houses that have Capricorn and/or Aquarius on the cusp may also be affected by this shift in signs, and suggest that the people and situations represented by them are likely to become more prominent and ready to be more balanced (Libra) and have more initiative than usual (Libra is a cardinal sign).

Those of you with personal planets and/or points in Libra may feel the move of Saturn into Libra more powerfully than others.


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