Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mars Opposing Retrograde Uranus...

starts on July 29 (using a 1 degree orb), is exact on July 30 at 11.31pm in Kilmore, leaves on August 1.  Mars at 0 degrees and 20 minutes of Libra, retrograde Uranus at 0 degrees and 20 minutes of Aries.

Wow, what a combination... this is a bit like trying to combine a lit match with petrol without creating a destructive explosion!  The trick here is to consider how close you want to get the match to the petrol... and also to think about how much petrol there is.

Mars energises whatever it touches and adds a boost to progress, whilst Uranus represents the unexpected, unusual and sudden twists and turns of life and sometimes fate.  The opposition is an energetic aspect, adding fuel to this fire, and also represents a major turning point that is achieved by being objective about the people and situations represented by these planets in your birth chart.  These may relate to a person or situation that entered your life or became prominent when Mars and Uranus were last conjunct back around the middle of April 2009 at about 24 degrees of Pisces.

This is an opportunity to make quick progress with a long-standing situation, the trick is not to 'blow everything up'!  It is likely that this will be a volatile, but productive time.

As usual, look to see where this aspect is falling in your birth chart and which houses are ruled by Mars (ones with Aries or Scorpio on the cusp), and Uranus (one with Aquarius on the cusp) in order to get a feel for what and/or who is ready for a revolutionary turning point!

If you have personal planets and/or points in Aries or Libra, this is likely to be an important time for you.


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