Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Full Moon in Pisces...

today in Kilmore at 3.05am.

The Full Moon period is traditionally one where emotions are heightened, and this one being in the watery sign of Pisces intensifies this tendency!  Combined with the retrograde Mercury in the opposite sign of Virgo also adds to logic being a bit useless at this time!

This lunation type is also associated with 'illumination'... as in you can imagine a Full Moon lighting up the night sky... however, again, we may THINK we understanding a situation now, but because Mercury is retrograde there is likely to be more to it than we are aware.

The powerful trine from Pluto to the Sun (that also sextiles the Moon) suggests help and progress through the people and situations represented by Pluto in your birth chart.  This could be someone or something that is quite powerful (or at least is felt to have this quality by you!), and/or intensely emotional.

As usual, look at the houses involved to get a feel for where this lunation may be felt by you!


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