Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Moon in Leo...

today in Kilmore at 1.08pm.

The New Moon period is usually a time to start anew: a new attitude, new relationship, new job, new awareness... etc.  Where this new start is depends on where the New Moon falls in your birth chart.

Being in Leo, it seems that we all need to focus on finding a new way to 'shine' and to discover and develop what makes us feel special, brings warmth into our lives and also to bring the child within us out to play a bit!

Looking at the aspects it seems that this lunation is a bit isolated, apart from a trine by sign to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, and opposition by sign to the Neptune/Chiron conjunction.  I feel that this simply means that the power of this New Moon is condensed and will need extra awareness to get things happening.

As usual, look to which house this lunation is falling in to get an idea of which areas of life and/or relationships have a chance for a fresh start around this time.


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