Saturday, August 7, 2010

Venus enters Libra...

today in Kilmore at 1.47pm.

Venus likes being in Libra, so this bodes well for the people and situations in your life represented by her in your birth chart.  For example, I have Taurus Rising, so my health and general attitude to life should receive a bit of boost while she travels through this sign.  Balance and diplomacy are also likely to be important to the relationships and situations represented by Venus now.

The house that Venus is travelling through, and the one with Libra on the cusp is likely to benefit through the energy of Venus... especially considering that Saturn and Mars are also in this sign right now.

If you have personal points and/planets in Libra, then the period over the next month or so while Venus travels through this sign should be a relative period of ease where help may come through a person represented by Libra. 


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