Sunday, February 20, 2011

Full Moon in Aquarius...

on February 18 at 7.36pm in Kilmore at 29 degrees and 20 minutes of Aquarius.

The days around the time of a Full Moon are generally ones where emotions are heightened, and feelings run a bit rampant!  They are also a period of time when a new awareness comes about, particularly in relation to something or someone that came into our lives at around the time of the last New Moon.

This lunation is in Aquarius, a fixed, air sign: suggesting that there is a focus on perhaps mentally either needing to show more flexibility... or less!

As you can see in the actual chart, there are a whole lot of planets bunched up around the Sun... I'm only looking at the ones in Aquarius so we have have Mercury, Mars, Neptune and then the Sun.  What a combination!

The Mercury/Mars/Neptune combination gives me the feeling that communication mix ups may be prominent (Neptune), or the way we think may be a bit too fixed (Aquarius) to see a situation clearly.  We may jump to conclusions or think we know it all (Mercury/Mars)!

The good news is that because this is a Full Moon (awareness), we are all more likely to realise or see where this is happening, depending on where this lunation is falling in our birth charts.


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