Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Moon in Aquarius...

on February 3 at 1.31pm in Kilmore at 13 degrees and 53 minutes of Aquarius.

The New Moon is generally a time for something or someone new to come into our lives... as described by where the lunation falls in your birth chart.  Usually, there is a lack of awareness of the importance of developments, so it may take time for us all to realise what the situations happening now actually mean for us later on down the track!

Being in the fixed, air sign of Aquarius suggests that either have to learn to be more stable in our thinking, or STOP being stubborn in the same way!  Either way there has to be a balance and a new way of approaching situations that are represented by this New Moon for us all.  Stability is likely to be important as part of this fresh start and also a new way of thinking and/or communicating since this lunation is in an air sign.

Looking at the aspects to this New Moon, the first one (and probably the most important one) is the close conjunction from Mars... as you probably know, this planet tends to fire up and energies whatever it touches: the conjunction is especially powerful in getting things moving!  Mars may represent a person, or simply being motivated to get moving with something or someone new as part of this lunation.

The good news with this New Moon is that we have Saturn trining it, suggesting that help and support from Saturn in stabilising the sometimes impulsive energy of Mars as part of the picture!  Positive growth and stability are indicated with this mix of energies.


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