Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mercury enters Pisces...

on February 22 at 7.53am in Kilmore.

Mercury moves from the intellectual and fixed sign of Aquarius into the more emotional and flexible sign of Pisces today... suggesting that the people and situations represented by Mercury in your birth chart will tend to be more 'Piscean' during this stay.

For example, I have Virgo on my 4th and 5th House cusps, so I would expect family members and domestic concerns to be easier to negotiate with... children and people at home are less likely to be as stubborn as they have been recently: however, they are likely to be less rational as well!

As a general theme though, Mercury travelling through Pisces suggests a dreamy mental trend, where creativity is accented.

Mercury tends to increase the pace of whatever it gets involved in, and with the particularly strong focus on Pisces right now, it seems that whichever house has this sign on and/or in it will become even more hectic!


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