Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mercury goes Retrograde...

on March 31 at 7.48am in Kilmore at 24 degrees and 21 minutes of Aries.

Timing is everything!  Mercury going retrograde is a little warning bell to double check all your purchases, keep your receipts, etc because it is more likely than usual that we will make those impulse buys that are regretted later, or perhaps that we buy the wrong model, or buy faulty electrical goods that don't perform like they should.  Mercury will go back to normal at around April 22, but won't be fully operational for another week or so after then.

It is especially important to note that Mercury will be retrograde in Aries, the same sign as Uranus, Sun and Jupiter - and soon to enter Aries, Mars.  It just seems to me that this is a pretty powerful and potentially explosive combination that is likely to be easily ignited by people jumping to conclusions or simple misunderstandings.  Biding time and biting tongues may be important techniques for us all while Mercury sorts itself out!

Mercury retrograde is generally a period of time to double check communications in general, and to watch and wait in regards to the areas of your own life being affected by this transit.  Look at which house this planet is travelling through and which one has Aries... also the houses with Gemini and Virgo on the cusps in order to get a feel for what or who may be particularly sensitive to this retrograde period.

If you have personal planets and/or points in Aries then you are likely to be especially sensitive or prone to mix-ups or a feeling of confusion/uncertainty.

The good new is that the retrograde period of time is excellent for reviewing and going over the past, in terms of the themes represented by the symbolism of your own birth chart.


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