Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pisces New Moon...

on March 5 at 7.46am in Kilmore.

Wow... what a New Moon line-up!  We have Chiron, Mars, Moon and Sun, Mercury AND Uranus all lining up nicely in Pisces.

The New Moon is generally a time for new starts or new situations/people to come into our lives.  With such a strongly Piscean focus it would seem that whatever or whoever is ready to come into our life will somehow enhance our sensitivity, compasssion, healing, and/or creativity.  Perhaps the person that enters our life will display these qualities?

The involvement of so many planets suggests that there are possibly too many options that may prove to be confusing (Pisces)!

As usual, look at which house has Pisces on the cusp or in it to help understand where you have an opportunity to make a fresh start.


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