Monday, March 14, 2011

Mercury Opposing Retrograde Saturn...

starts on March 18 (using a 1 degree orb), is exact on March 19 at 12.55am in Kilmore, leaves on March 19.  Mercury at 15 degrees and 07 minutes of Aries, retrograde Saturn at 15 degrees and 07 minutes of Libra.

Mercury, the planet of communication, information, and the way we connect with others joining forces with Saturn is likely to put a serious note on the information circulating around us now - particularly regarding a person or situation represented by Saturn that was prominent in the past (Saturn is retrograde).  Saturn also tends to slow down whatever it touches, so you could find that information is slow coming to you (delays in postage, emails, etc).

The opposition suggests a new level of objective awareness and also a turning point in the relationships and situations represented by these planets in your birth chart: oppositions usually mean that there is at least one other person that is part of the developments around this time.

If you look back to when Mercury and Saturn were conjunct, you may get an even better idea of what or who is coming to fruition or a turning point... they were last together on October 8, 2010 - both at 8 degrees and 39 minutes of Libra.  Read the post about that conjunction here.

As usual, you can look to see where this opposition falls in your birth chart, but also to which houses are ruled by Mercury (ones with Gemini or Virgo on the cusp), and Saturn (ones with Capricorn or Aquarius on the cusp).

If you have personal planets and/or points in Aries or Libra then you are likely to be especially sensitive to this transit.


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