Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sun Square Uranus...

today in Kilmore at 12.56am (just after midnight): Sun at 26 degrees and 33 minutes of Gemini/Uranus at 26 degrees and 33 minutes of Pisces.

I picked the picture of The Tower in the tarot because it reminds me of the energy of the Sun/Uranus combination. Uranus is about radical change in our lives and in modern astrology rules electricity (see the thunderbolt hitting the Tower?)! It also seems to hit hard when we resist the changes that are needed in our lives - for example I have Taurus Rising, so I tend to suffer from resistance to change... sometimes I need a lightening bolt to throw me out of ruts that aren't doing me any favours - even if I consciously know it! Fixed signs tend to resist change, but Taurus in particular because it is also an earth sign.

Anyway, the Sun acts as a trigger to longer term energies like Uranus that tends to hang around for a long time in one degree within the sign it is travelling in. The square aspect itself is very energetic and suggests a crisis and turning point being reached with the energies represented by the planets and houses involved.

So... this is an opportunity for us all to make the changes that are needed where Uranus is symbolised in our lives... possibly through the symbolism of the Sun.


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