Monday, June 22, 2009

Venus Trine Saturn...

today in Kilmore at 4.30pm: Venus at 16 degrees and 1 minute of Taurus, Saturn at 16 degrees and 1 minutes of Virgo.

Lovely Venus in Taurus is all about having a good time and enjoying our loved ones. She is very comfortable in this sign so suggests that whatever (and whoever) is represented by her in our charts will be in better form than usual - look to which houses are ruled by Taurus and Libra for clues!

The trine to Saturn adds to this lovely energy through helping to remove the barriers between Venus and Saturn in working together successfully. Look to which houses rules by Capricorn and Aquarius (if you use traditional rulerships) to see what/who will be linking in with the Venusian themes in your life. Remember to also look at where these planets are transiting as well!


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