Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Venus Trine Retrograde Pluto...

today in Kilmore at 5.23am (Venus at 2 degrees and 21 minutes of Taurus/Rx Pluto at 2 degrees and 21 minutes of Capricorn).

Lovely Venus and passionate Pluto seem to be running towards each other (Pluto is Retrograde)... joining together with the Trine energy suggests that previous barriers to the Venus and Pluto symbolic areas of our lives will be temporarily removed. Symbolically this gives me the feeling that when things start happening, they will happen reasonably quickly - probably in a tangible way because this trine is happening in earth signs.

For example, I have Venus travelling through my 12th House ruling my Ascendant (this represents me), trining transiting Pluto in my 8th ruling my Scorpio 7th House (representing my husband), perhaps we'll finally get some quality time to catch up with each other today!


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