Saturday, September 5, 2009

Family Karmic Patterns...

I was browsing through the web and found this interesting article of family charts, particularly in relation to inherited karmic patters. The first paragragh is here:

As an astrologer I am continually struck by the potential for sorrow and suffering when first reviewing a client’s chart. However upon meeting them, I am usually astounded at how uniquely they have coped, survived and even flourished in spite of the potential for anguish. How do they thrive in spite of their history? How do they forgive and let go of their past? Longfellow must have had a sense of it when he wrote that sentence, and if we change the word “enemies” in that quote to “families” then the most important point of this chapter would be made. If we could know each other’s pain, this would indeed “disarm all hostility.” I believe that the oracle that speaks through the language of astrology teaches compassion.
Personally, I have found comparing the charts of family members very interesting... I have three daughters and we all have a strong Pluto connection.


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