Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sun Conjunct Retrograde Mercury...

starts today and is exact at 8.04pm, leaves on September 21. Both at 27 degrees and 35 minutes of Virgo.

Wow... poor old Virgo (and all the other mutable signs)! With so much energy being focussed here it seems that it could prove to be a very difficult OR a very liberating time!

The conjunction represents a new beginning and with Mercury retrograde part of making your new start is likely to mean incorporating something or someone from the past (look to see which houses are ruled by Mercury - these are Gemini and Virgo). Although changes to this new start are likely due to the retrograde motion of Mercury, this is still an opportunity to look to the facts, details and rational aspect of a situation in order to understand it more fully.

This is a pretty dynamic time and this configuration just adds to the potential for making the most of the current mix of energies in the sky.


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