Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Venus Opposing Retrograde Neptune...

starts today in Kilmore and is exact at 7.37am, leaves on September 17. Venus at 24 degrees and 19 minutes of Leo, retrograde Neptune at 24 degrees and 19 minutes of Aquarius.

Venus, the planet of relating and representation of what we value is travelling through the fiery, passionate and stubborn sign of Leo. Its connection to Neptune, the planet of 'nebuolousness', escape and yearning suggests that we will all feel the need for something a bit 'more' where it comes to how we enjoy ourselves... perhaps some of us will become aware of a more altruistic side to our value system as well.

The opposition between these two planets represents a major turning point in the matters and people represented by them, especially in terms of what was started with Venus and Neptune were last conjunct on December 22, 2008 at 22 degrees of Aquarius.

Now we get to see these people and situations as objectively as we ever will (considering the involvement of Neptune!).


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