Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Moon in Virgo...

today in Kilmore at 4.44am at 25 degrees and 59 minutes of Virgo.

This New Moon is especially important in terms of everything that is happening in this sign - particularly with the current Saturn/Uranus opposition. New Moons present us all with the opportunity to make a fresh start, and this one incorporates and highlights the powerful Saturn/Uranus energy that is working now.

With Mercury retrograde, also in Virgo, it seems that we can now go back to a previous person or situation to get a better understanding of them in order to make the fresh start we need... of course with Mercury retrograde we are likely to need adjustments down the track, but overall things should work out well.

Obviously Uranus in this New Moon is playing a powerful role in that it is opposing the whole lot of planets in Virgo... this configuration suggests that a balance is required between the new and the old and the flexibility is also needed when handling the people and situations represented by these energies.

As usual look to see where this pattern is falling in your birth chart to see which areas of life and/or people may be involved in the expression of these energies in your own life.


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