Sunday, April 3, 2011

Neptune enters Pisces...

on April 4 at 11.51pm in Kilmore.

Wow... this is literally a once in a lifetime event, since it takes Neptune about 165 years to travel around the zodiac. 

Neptune likes being in Pisces, since in modern astrology Pisces is ruled by it.  Technically this is very good news because Neptune being in its own sign should bring out it best qualities.  Symbolically speaking, this bodes well for the people and areas of our lives that are ruled by Neptune... look at which house cusp has Pisces on it to get a feel for what these may be.

This planet is known for its association with sensitivity, creativity, spirituality, other realms, fogginess, water, gas... the list goes on but hopefully you get the gist.  So, if you have personal planets and/or points in Pisces then it seems that you will be in for some sensitive times!   Of course, you are more likely to feel the effect of Neptune in Pisces as it gets closer to whatever you have in this sign (I usually allow an orb of about 1 degree, although it would depend on how sensitive you personally are to this energy).

Neptune is only making a short visit this time (it goes back into Aries in early August 2011) but will be coming back into Pisces early in February 2012 where it will stay until 2025!


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