Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pluto goes Retrograde...

on April 9 at 6.51pm at 7 degrees and 30 minutes of Capricorn.

Wow... power packed Pluto being stationary seems to me to add to the already intense and passionate feel of this planet and its energy. 

Pluto will move from this position right back to 4 degrees and 53 minutes of Capricorn (not much distance I know, but I think we'll feel every minute it travels of it!).  It goes direct again in mid September this year.

Symbolically, the areas affected by Pluto (see which house it is travelling through and which house cusp has Scorpio on it) the change in direction of this planet to retrograde motion suggests that we will all have to go back (or perhaps a person or situation will regress).  Although this doesn't sound promising, it is in that we have a second chance to make something right and to tie up loose ends.  It's a bit like writing a document in a hurry in the middle of the night (Pluto direct).... then putting it away for a few days and then reviewing it (Pluto retrograde)... by going over something again we get the chance to edit what we missed or mucked up at our first attempt.

If you are a December born Capricorn or have personal planets/points in the early degrees of Capricorn you are likely to be especially sensitive to this transit.


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