Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Moon in Aries...

on April 4 at 12.32am in Kilmore at 13 degrees and 29 minutes of Aries.

The New Moon is a special time each month where we get to make a fresh start in the areas represented by the house where this lunation falls.  The sign of the New Moon is also important in that it flavours the way in which we begin this new stage, relationship, and/or project.

As you can see by the chart, this is a pretty powerful lunation, simply being a New Moon in the fiery Aries is enough in itself to give us all a shove along a new path... however as you can see there are a lot of planets clustered in Aries - energising things even more!

The closest aspect is the opposition from Saturn, suggesting that this planet will give us the objectivity and control we need to harness the powerful Aries energy being presented to us all.  Even though we may not like what Saturn has to tell us, he may be the key to using the energy successfuly!  Look at which house Saturn is in and which ones he rules (ones with Capricorn and Aquarius on the cusp), to get a feel for who may be our 'firm but fair' guide!

The conjunction from Jupiter to this lunation bodes well, however, it can also mean we are likely to take on too much.... as you can see from the chart this New Moon links in strongly to the recent Jupiter/Saturn series of oppositions.  Perhaps this link suggests that we all will be able to now utilise what we have learnt from the oppositions and put them to good use!

Also note the Mars/Uranus conjunction and Mercury retrograde.  Explosive behaviour combined with communication mix-ups!  I would suggest that it would be far wiser to bite our tongues than overreact to information that may not be correct.

If you have personal points and/or planets in Aries then I would think that this is an exceptionally important time for you.


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