Monday, May 30, 2011

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini...

on June 2 at 7.03am in Kilmore.

A New Moon is generically a time when we all have the opportunity to make a fresh start, particularly in the areas represented by the House in which this lunation falls in.  For example, this New Moon falls in my 1st House and I have Gemini on my 2nd House cusp, so I could perhaps think of ways I would like to approach life and to redefine my values in new ways.

Being an eclipse brings an even bigger focus to this lunation... and a big opportunity to become more aware of the matters relating to it.

Usually around the time of an eclipse there is a development that shakes us out of our comfort zone or creates a new level of awareness associated with the areas of life represented by the House involvement as mentioned earlier. 

For those of you that use Chiron in your astrological toolbox, you will note that it squares this lunation.  To me, this suggests that there is an opportunity to experience healing, but before this can happen we all need to realise where our wounds are and perhaps to reopen them before being able to work at the healing process.

This is supported by the trine from Saturn... so by examining where it is in our birth charts, we can look at what and who is helping us along or where we can get support.  Restructuring and practical support, as well as a bit of old-fashioned elbow grease is associated with Saturn.

If you have any personal planets and/or points in Gemini then this is likely to be a pivotal time in your life!


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