Sunday, May 15, 2011

Scorpio Full Moon...

on May 17 at 9.09pm in Kilmore.

The period around a Full Moon is traditionally associated with heightened emotions and a new level of awareness, relating to the placement of the lunation, particularly within the individual birth chart.

Adding to this emotional theme is this lunation being in the emotional, complex, deep and mysterious sign of Scorpio!

The houses affected by a Full Moon are generally ones to pay attention to: this is an opportunity to view usually emotionally complex people and/or situations with more clarity than usual... I know this sounds like a contradiction (emotionally complex - clarity) - but I suppose that's life (full of contradictions)!

I don't see any tight aspects to this lunation, although Venus, Mercury and Mars are early in Taurus... perhaps signifying that help is on the way in regards to the situations accented by this Full Moon!


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