Monday, May 2, 2011

New Moon in Taurus...

on May 3 at 4.51pm at 12 degrees and 30 minutes of Taurus.

Welcome to another New Moon, and another opportunity to make a fresh start!  This is a lovely opportunity to build stability and depth in the areas of life represented by the house that this Taurean lunation falls in.

Taurus is a fixed, earth sign - so it is known for the qualities of stability (sometimes stubborness!), and practicality.  These are some of the themes we may all need to keep in mind - perhaps we need to adjust the amount of them in the areas of life affected?

The trine from Pluto is extremely helpful in that the people and situations represented by it are likely to support and empower us.  So look at which house Pluto is in and what it represents: the people and situations there are likely to need conscious recognition in order to be utilised since the aspect here is a gentle trine.

Another aspect to be aware of is the inconjunct from Saturn... the people and situations represented by it and the house placement are likely to be a bit of a stone in our shoe, so to speak.  Something or someone is likely to be the source of irritation.

Those of you with personal points and/or planets in Taurus have a particularly strong connection with this New Moon in this sign.


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