Sunday, May 3, 2009

Venus square Retrograde Pluto...

today at 3.10am in Kilmore.

The last time this aspect happened was earlier this month on the 3rd of April, but Venus was retrograde and Pluto was direct. Venus is still moving VERY slowly, so this is a pretty intense energy.

As I mentioned last time, if you can imagine the planets as characters I now have this visual image of Venus dragging her feet, but getting faster as she goes along, meeting Pluto who is now the one who is going backwarmds and dragging his feet! Like the last Venus/Pluto square this meeting can mean that our values, finances and/or relationships (Venus), tips our deeply (Capricorn) hidden emotions (Pluto) into another direction helping us to reach a turning point of some type, depending on the houses involved.

It's almost as though situations and people represented by Venus that were regressing earlier this month are now the ones that are ready to move tentatively forwards, but now it is the Pluto people and situations that are regressing or need to review (or be reveiwed) what is happening or where they, or it, are going. This is, again, likely to be quite an intense time.


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